California librarians association 2016 key visual

Collaborated with the client to come up with the key visuals incorporating famous literary figures but with a contemporary spin. Sherlock Holmes, The Three Musketeers and even Lewis Carroll's Alice were made diverse and even gender-swapped. The color scheme was vintage, but still bold and eye-catching.

space cat final 4web.jpg

California Librarians Association 2017 key visual

To reinforce the message of exploration and how knowledge and imagination can take you anywhere, we went with an outer space theme. The key visuals were vintage-inspired and incorporated fun elements like kittens (Librarians love cats!) and constellations. 

coffee shack.jpg
lavender farm v2.jpg
tiki carving.jpg

Retro party signs

Signs designed for a corporate event that was retro tiki themed. A great example of how I can apply a theme across a variety of booth signs while keeping it consistent. I love vintage and I love doing whimsical typography and quirky color combinations.