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Heroes of History for LOGOTV

For LGBTQ history month, LOGOTV hired me to create 10 comic book covers honoring LGBTQ heroes. They provided me with an amazing list of people and it was my job to create exciting illustrations of them. Some were quite easy - Harvey Milk for example. I knew I wanted him leading a crowd of people. Others proved to be quite challenging, like James Baldwin. How to convey someone who has created so many powerful novels. For that cover I wanted to showcase the power and beauty of the words as they left his typewriter.

As with everything, these covers started as pencil sketches on Bristol paper. For Harvey, I went straight to pencil, but for others I started with a red pencil. I find ideas come easier when I can draw loose with the red pencil.

After the pencil roughs were approved by LOGO, I scanned them into my ipad and then inked and colored them in Clip Studio Paint. Finally, I used Photoshop to add my finishing touches and all the text on it.

I love this project because I learned a lot and it was great to pay tribute to so many wonderful people with my art!

John Waters Art for LOGOTV

I absolutely love that filthy, perverted sultan of smut John Waters! Not only have his films inspired me in my teenage years, but his wit and ability to push boundaries continue to inspire me as an artist to this day. Needless to say, I was floored when the marketing team at LOGOTV hired me to create art to celebrate his 72nd birthday!

I was asked to create comic book covers celebrating his three most iconic films: Pink Flamingos, Hairspray and Cry Baby.

The Process

The one I struggled with the most was Pink Flamingos. So many iconic scenes -- do I draw Babs receiving the turd or shooting her enemies tied to a tree? In the end, I decided to forgo drawing any other characters and focus on the main attraction, Divine as Babs. Drawing her likeness was a stressful activity in itself - Divine is so iconic that if I draw her inaccurately I'd get read for it. I stayed up until 2am for 2 days, watching and re-watching Pink Flamingos clips on youtube to get it just right.

The next challenging illustration was Hairspray. It's such a colorful film - filled with some of my favorite pastel colors and gingham/plaid for days! I didn't want to do another realistic illustration. I turned to some of my favorite comics growing up, Archie & friends and drew the Hairspray gang as if they grew up in Riverdale.

The Finished Art

Here are the final comic covers for your enjoyment!