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Opening Night at Strut SF Art Exhibit

On Friday June 7th, the doors opened to my solo art exhibit at STRUT in the San Franciscio AIDS Foundation. It was such a wonderful reception! My favorite part was meeting so many people who traveled from all over to see my art and pick up some prints.

The gallery consists of thirty 11”x14” pieces that show the diverse covers I’ve created over the past few years. I chose the specific size and layout because I wanted to recreate the nostalgic thrill of seeing a comic book shelf in a shop. All the different covers facing you, inviting you to inspect them further. It was also a chance for people to see all the aged paper and mis-registered halftones that are essential elements in my art but are not visible when seen on social media.

Big thank you to Baruch and the STRUT SF team for hosting my art. They’ve been very welcoming and so helpful! Also big thank you to my boyfriend Omi and my assistant Rae for helping with my merch table!

It truly is an honor to be showcasing my art in the heart of the Castro during Pride month! My art will be on display until June 30th, so please check it out before then!

470 Castro Street